Spirit of a Lion, Mind like a Slave

It’s hard to make it through every day when your Spirit roars like a mighty lion but your mind has been conditioned to live like a slave. For years, that fierce force of thunder has made its appearance when needed, but for the rest of the time, thoughts of unworthiness, sorrow, pain, reign as sovereign in your head. You know the truth, but for some reason the bricks of this stronghold are made of diamonds. How long must one live in this kind of double-mindedness? Oh beloved, you know the only reason why your Spirit roars so loudly is because the Lion who made a way lives in you. When He speaks, the breath of His Word defeats the strongest mountain and makes it tremble before Him. Why wouldn’t He be able to speak to the fortress of your mind and make it crumble, too?

Yes, He will speak to that stronghold trying to hide itself behind your thoughts. Yes, the Righteous Lion will roar, and the walls will fall, but your ears will only hear the sweet melodies that comes from His mouth. With the same voice that roars at the things holding you captive, beautiful songs come to surround you, to cradle you, to lift you up into His arms.

Look! He is coming! Those things that have been holding you as their slave for so long are trembling in fear at the thought of His arrival. Can’t you hear His beautiful melodies echoing in the valley? The captors hear His roar and start to flee! Louder are the melodious sounds of strings, drums, trumpets and the wonderful voice of a mighty King who has come to finish what He started in you, and do you know what all the enemy hears? The battle cry of the One whose name is Jealous.

One by one, the lies that were once so strong that it made what seemed like an impenetrable barrier, are all dissipating at the sound of war coming its way, coming for them. Finally, some sense of clarity has struck you because your mind is getting aligned with your spirit; your mind is getting renewed. The barrier has been broken through, and the stronghold is getting torn down. You realize that there was no chance for those diamond bricks. What seemed like something that couldn’t be destroyed, now is. All you hear are the songs of His kingdom surrounding you now.

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