The Adventure Begins

Ever since I was a child, I was always writing. It never failed; my imagination would run wild, and then I would be writing down stories about worlds that never existed, mighty heroes and heroines vanquishing evil, or even the redemption story of the villains turning from their wicked ways and saving the day. In elementary school (or primary school as some would call it), we had literary projects every year where we were to write poetry, short stories, and anything that involved writing. A lot of the things I wrote were too advanced for my age, and my teachers even thought that the content I wrote was very dark for a 7-year-old. My mom would receive phone calls from my teachers every year with their concern for me, asking my mother to tell me to stop writing stories like that, but she encouraged my creativity further, even though the majority of the stories I wrote weirded her out.

I’ve always been better with writing then actually talking. A lot of times, I feel like I cannot convey my feelings, or my thoughts, accurately until I write it down. Somewhere along the way, I stopped writing, and I think that’s honestly when I started getting jumbled in my head. My way of organizing my thoughts, my outlet was no more, and that’s whenever the ambiguity, the unclearness so to speak, started to become way more apparent in my life. That is where this blog comes in. I’m confident that through writing, I will once again become inspired. I will look through the eyes of a child once again, and reignite the sense of awe and wonder in my heart. With the creativity that’s been placed in me since birth, I will give back to Him what has been given to me, and I will do it through writing.

As I start to publish content, some posts will be basic journal entries, some will be stories, some will be poems, some will be teachings, but through it all, I will be vulnerable. It’s my hope that doing this publicly will give someone else the strength to be vulnerable, too. If people struggle with the same things I struggle with, maybe they will find this and know they’re not alone. I honestly don’t know why I’m making a specific website for my writings, I just follow the unction of the Spirit. Maybe it’s just for me, or maybe it’s just for the one. Either way, healing will happen.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.